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Bleeding gums when you brush? Loose or wobbly teeth?

Hygiene involves keeping your teeth free from stains and plaque .If your gums bleed easily after brushing or if your teeth feel “wobbly”, you may have gum disease which can be treated and prevented.

Our hygienist’s Helen and Kelly, will work very closely with you and the dental surgeons to keep your teeth and smile in tip-top condition.

Helen  and Kelly  also offers fluoride coating, erosion treatment, fissure sealing and perio chipping to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Sports and night guards can also be fitted for you.

If you would like your teeth to look whiter, they can also help!

Felpham Dental offers patients direct access to our hygienist Claire  and Kelly , without having to be registered at this practice or necessarily seeing a dental surgeon first.

Many of my patients like this option as they know I work closely with the dentists here and if they need to see the dentist we have appointment slots available every day.

If you would like to meet Helen or Kelly , please ring 01243 864663