There are two easy ways you can pay for your treatment, the first is the Felpham Dental Care Plan and the second is “Pay as you Go.”

The Felpham Dental Care Plan is very popular and you can  join the plan after your initial dental examination(£85) and first hygiene appointment( reduced cost of £30)  .The plan covers two dental examinations with one of our dental surgeons and two 30 minute hygienist visits a year.

The plan also gives you 10% discount on most treatments.

Felpham Dental Care Plan £18.00 per month

To include:

  • 2 dental examinations per year and 2 hygienist visits per year.
  • Clinical examination and free assessment of emergencies
  • Checking for signs of oral cancer
  • Free x-rays where clinically necessary

Regular hygiene appointments to provide:

  • 30 minute hygiene consultation with the hygienist
  • Periodontal/gum disease treatment and advice
  • Preventative techniques to reduce decay and gum disease

A 10% reduction in fees is given for fillings, extractions crown & bridge work etc.

The plan also includes Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance:

The cost of dental treatment by any dentist up to a maximum of £10,000 for any one incident of dental trauma

The cost of emergency callouts, pain relief and emergency temporary treatment

A specified amount if you suffer permanent facial disfigurement due to dental trauma

A specified amount for hospitalisation

A specified amount if you are diagnosed with oral cancer

Monthly plan reimbursement if you are made redundant

Terms and Conditions Apply. Please click here to see Members Handbook

If you would like further information or would like to register with any of the Plans please contact Felpham Dental  : 01243 864663

If you would like more information regarding Practice Plan contact:

Practice Plan – Customer services: 01691 684120

Practice Plan Limited
Cambrian Works
Gobowen Road
SY11 1HS

“Pay as you Go” Prices

New Patient Examination (includes x-rays) £85

*** If you join Felpham Care Plan, the fees below will be 10% lower ***

  • Routine examination £60 (free on plan)
  • Small X-ray (per film) £9.10 (free on plan)
  • Hygienist visit (30 minutes-not 20 minutes  as many practices now charge) £60(free on plan after six months plan membership)


  • Composite/white coloured fillings from £95
  • Extractions from £82

Restorative work

  • Crowns from £549
  • Veneers from £350
  • Bridges from £549 per unit
  • Onlays/Inlays from £450


  • Acrylic dentures from £490
  • Cobalt chrome (metal) from £900
  • Repairs from £73
  • Addition of a tooth from £90
  • Relines from £90
  • Implant and orthodontic referrals free of charge

Off -scheme prices

Dental Implants by Dr Sharad Patel:

The costs of dental implants depend on the type of implant eg single,multiple, full mouth etc and also whether sedation is requested and the type of covering crown,bridge,denture etc .

Before embarking of a dental implant you will be given a full breakdown of your treatment costs at your complimentary first visit.

For more information about a new implant, click on our dedicated dental website

A guide costing for a single implant would be £1,600

 Root Canal Treatment by Dr John Harker using microscopy:

  • Incisors / Canines from £295
  • Premolars from £395
  • Molars from £495

Other treatments:

  • Whitening from £320
  • Whitening (Airflow) from £45
  • Sports guard from £72
  • Night guard from £75
  • Fluoride application from £12.50
  • Erosion treatment from £20
  • Fissure sealant per tooth from £15

Prices are subject to materials used and complexity and an estimate will always be provided before you start your treatment, so that there are no surprises!

We can help you spread the costs of any treatment and we also offer 12 months interest free payments. Please ask the receptionist for more details.

For more information or to discuss our prices please ring 01243 864663