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We only offer the very best care at Felpham Dental and take pride in our caring and welcoming approach to dental care.We have built an excellent team at and can now offering same day emergency appointments for unregistered patients.

West Sussex – Dental Implants


My Dental Implant Not every patient is suitable for dental implants. The ideal patient for a dental implant will be in good general health and have good oral health. The patient will need adequate bone to support the dental implant and ideally have healthy gums and be free of any gum disease. Patients who have [...]

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Chocolate and my dentist


Easter is soon  upon us and with it the demand for all things chocolate. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying  chocolate, but make sure you don’t forget about your teeth and your family’s teeth this Easter. Sugar isn’t just a precursor for bad oral health, it set’s the tone for bad overall health and wellbeing. You [...]

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Dental CT Scanner at Felpham Dental


If you are considering having dental implants you should consider having a 3D scan to assess your  bone volume available. Until recently  we dentists would use two dimensional conventional x-rays to assess implant placement but this would leave a small element of the assessment to “guesswork”. The advent of 3D scanning at Felpham Dental  means [...]

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Felpham Dental Implants | Bognor Dental Implants | Arundel Dental Implants|Chichester Dental Implants


Dental implants at Felpham Dental. Felpham Dental implants designed to be a long-term solution to tooth loss, and Dr Sharad Patel has  carried out many successful smile restorations with the help of these clever little artificial tooth roots( over 400 per year). Whether you have lost one tooth, some teeth, or even all of your natural [...]

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Easter Eggs & Felpham Dental


Easter, that time of year where sensible eating goes out the window and it is socially acceptable to give your children Easter eggs for breakfast, followed by an endless sugar feast. This weekend, children are estimated to consume up to a whopping 250 teaspoons of sugar. If this sounds like an obscene amount, that’s because it [...]

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Accepting New Patients


Did you know that Felpham Dental is taking on new patients? If you have moved to the local area, or are looking for a new dentist, we would love for you to come and join our friendly dental practice . About Us We pride ourselves on a partnership built on trust and mutual respect to improve [...]

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Bognor Dentures | Chichester Dentures – a tale of woe


This time of year, most of us are looking forward to a wonderful Christmas  dinner spent with family. Of course, the time off from work is good. And the company is nice. But what we’re really looking forward to is the dinner and all the trimmings. But if you have cheap, poorly fitted, or worn dentures, [...]

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Bognor Dental Implants| Chichester Dental Implants| Felpham Dental Implants


Felpham Dental - now offering dental  implants in Bognor ,Chichester and Felpham. Felpham Dental Implant Clinic: Contrary to what many may believe, replacing a single missing tooth is a very common and simple procedure. Single implants are unparalleled in replacing missing teeth, being a safe, affordable and lasting option that look and feel great.A missing [...]

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Time for baby’s check-up?


When To Start Going To The Dentist.   Did you know that children’s teeth begin forming before birth? As early as four months, the first primary, or baby, teeth, erupt through the gums. Knowing that, when is the best time to get the dentist involved? The answer is as soon as the first tooth appears. [...]

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Helen joins Kelly at Felpham Dental


We would like to welcome Helen Carter to Felpham Dental! Helen joins  Kelly as part of your  designated hygiene care team. Thank you for making her feel so welcome. With our two new hygienists , we are able to offer more appointments with less waiting time for you.  Helen qualified from the Leeds Dental Institute [...]

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