Felpham Dental – now offering dental  implants in Bognor ,Chichester and Felpham.

Felpham Dental Implant Clinic:

Contrary to what many may believe, replacing a single missing tooth is a very common and simple procedure. Single implants are unparalleled in replacing missing teeth, being a safe, affordable and lasting option that look and feel great.A missing tooth can limit the foods you’re able to eat and stop you from wanting to smile. As well as gaining back the full ability to chew, bite and smile again, having a single dental implant will also restore your confidence.     Why have a  dental  implant?

· They are the closest replacement to a real tooth in both aesthetics and feel.

· They’re a permanent solution – you won’t need to keep returning for replacements of any kind providing you look after your implant.

· They replace your missing tooth’s natural root.

· They’re usually made of titanium, a strong material onto which bone can easily and successfully grow.

· As they are not made of natural tissue, dental implants are not susceptible to cavities.

· They’re made to last – very hardwearing.

· They’ll give you back your ability to eat, chew and smile and make a huge difference to your everyday health, life and wellbeing.

· Dental Implants can be fitted in just one day.

· The procedure is virtually pain free and performed under local anaesthetic.

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